Professional Services

You’re a doctor or a dentist or a chiropractor; a lawyer, an architect, an engineer, or a professional consultant. Given the demographic needs of the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, it’s no surprise to see your business thriving.

People get sick. People get in legal trouble. You’ve built a successful presence for yourself in the professional community of northern Virginia, and as your enterprise grows, you’re in greater and greater need of an experienced financial management partner.

BSB is Your Financial Management Partner

Since its inception, BSB has delivered tax compliance, accounting support, consulting, and financial management services to professional service providers. Our extensive experience is leveraged to help execute operations that produce timely financial information, ensuring efficient tax preparation and maximizing long-term value for the retirement minded professional.

Retired, and consulting?

The Washington metropolitan area is a veritable treasure trove for retired federal employees (including military and civilian personnel) who wish to continue to enrich themselves professionally. Burdette, Smith and Bish LLC is uniquely positioned to advise clients as they embark on such a consulting endeavor, offering services to help with business entity development (unincorporated partnership, multi-member or single member LLC, C Corporation or S Corporation); accounting system structure and operations; payroll processing; retirement and benefit plans; and cash management strategies to make your business a success.

No in-house bookkeeping?

Sure, the business is growing, but hiring in-house bookkeepers and clerical staff is not high on the list of plans just yet. BSB is pleased to offer Accounting Support Services to handle the day to day accounting tasks, on a one-time, continuous, or as-needed basis.

As your financial management partner, it’s time to let us take care of the numbers while you do what you do best: serve your patients, clients or customers. Contact us today.