Business Entity Selection

Choosing a business entity is one of the most important decisions a new business makes.

The team at BSB helps you weigh the pros and cons of each entity type and work with you to determine the right choice for your business.


Let's explore them together

You Have Options

Some of the most common business entity choices include Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), and Corporation. We look at several factors, including your need for liability protection, whether you want to avoid Social Security and Medicare on net earnings, and your comfort level in making estimated tax payments.

We also discuss different types of LLCs, S-Corporations, and other factors that may determine the best entity for your business. We look forward to answering- and asking-questions to help you make a confident, educated choice.

State and Local Income Tax Issues to Consider Before Making Your Next Tax Payment

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Mandatory Capitalization of R&E Expenses

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Revised Filing Instructions for K-2 and K-3 for Partnerships and S-Corps

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